More and more people are getting educated when it comes to buying a new home or just remodeling their existing home. By having a professional video pipe inspection they know what to expect before they buy or remodel.

Last week we video inspected a building drain in a home in Venice Florida for a potential buyer. The buyer scheduled a Home Inspector, an Air Conditioning Contractor, Termite Inspector and us to be on site the same day.

The house was in great condition: no termites, all the appliances and plumber fixtures are in great shape. The roof was replaced within the last four years and the A/C system was just replaced in the past two years.

Everything checked out just great for the buyer except our video inspection revealed a large crack in the building drain under the slab of the kitchen floor. The buyer called a local plumbing contractor for a second opinion and an estimate to replace the drainage piping. The plumbing contractor recommended replacing all the waste and vent piping for a tune of $18,000.00 not including any restoration. With this information the buyer went back to the seller and re-negotiated. They are closing on the home in July and plan to do a full re-pipe and remodel in mid July.

Baron’s Jet Tec save this buyer $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$